Thursday, May 24, 2012

The lobby of the...

...Chesterfield County Courts Building is unbelievably (maybe appropriately) bleak and gloomy. It's like a chunk was cut out of a February afternoon in 1890 and incarcerated in this piece of indifferent modern architecture.

It's not quite "abandon all hope ye who enter here," though. Maybe more like "Why bother? You're screwed."

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Three things the internet has taught me about human nature.

(Mostly from the comments section.)
  1. No matter how high-quality or well-regarded or popular something is, there's always somebody that thinks it's garbage.  A corollary to this is that for any TV or movie or book series there will always be someone that admits that it used to be good but it sucks now.  
  2. There are people just waiting for a reason to hate someone or something.  Some celebrity says or does something that falls below a critical threshold of popular opinion and they are fair game.  And once someone is in the allowed-to-be-hated category then it will always be open season on them and anyone who speaks well of them.
  3. So many people are completely incapable of understanding why other people might have made different choices or faced different circumstances than they have themselves.  That others might have had different options or fewer opportunities or just saw things differently.  If I had to sum up the internet in a sentence it would be a 28-year-old white male software developer who cannot understand why a 60-year-old black woman hasn't made the same choices he has.